I’m getting more and more afraid to be real, to let my guards down and be vulnerable. If you noticed, my previous posts have been poems. Now there are many reasons to express myself through a poem. One of my reasons though is usually to hide the scope of my feelings and the depth of whatever it is I’m going through. Because, in a poem I can economize my words and tell you the least yet still feel that I opened up. However, there is increasing tension in my soul because I like to give, to share, to open up, to just be myself without fear of judgement or fear of censure.

Truth be told, a lot has been happening. But I haven’t had the guts to spill the beans. Maybe I will gather some courage soon. I hope so. But in the meantime, I just thought you should know that all will be well. I may be struggling to open up in this phase of my life, but it won’t always be so. With time I will share more stories to encourage, to inspire and to uplift your souls.

This is going to be the shortest post this year but I hope you understand. Pray for me. I pray for you. Peace. Have a splendid week ahead.


  • Gafna February 16, 2020

    Hey Edna. It is well, it shall be well; the Lord knows, feels and sees your struggles. And He will personally come and be with you. You may not have the courage to share with a human soul now, but the Lord is there to listen to you. Amen

    • Edna February 23, 2020

      Amen Gafna. Thanks for the encouragement.


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