Is it the smile on your lips

Or the curve of your hips

Is it the twinkle in your eye

Or the sound of you cry

Is it the muscle you have built

Or the roses as they wilt

Is it the spring in your stride

Or the sight of your bride


  • Kalondu February 9, 2020

    Nice but Ended too soon, ongeza content

    • Edna February 9, 2020

      Hehehe. Kalondu, that was the end of my thinking capacity. Its hard to force a poem, but should i give it more thought i will add to the length. Thanks for the feedback. Well appreciated.

  • GafnA February 9, 2020

    ... like Kalondu, I was hoping that you would say more)=

    • Edna February 11, 2020

      Next time Gafna...


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